Monday, April 15, 2013

Your Old Cat

This will "NEVER" happen at Paw Town Cats.

Your Old Cat

You bought a new house; you had a baby.  Your cat has been with you for years and is now old, perhaps incontinent, maybe a little grumpy, possibly having a bit of a problem getting around.  Sometimes he doesn’t quite make it to the litter box when he has to go and has an accident.  All these things come with age and not necessarily just with your cat.  It may happen to you someday as well.

In his youth, he gave you everything he had to offer.  In his twilight years, you have no time.  Now that he’s older he has many new things to offer that come with age.  He is now wise.  He is now grateful for all the things you help him with that he used to be able to do for himself.  He tries so hard to be the youngster you remember but he can’t quite do it.  And you – well you are getting tired of cleaning up his accidents, the more frequent trips to the vet so you delude yourself into thinking we can find him a better place than the place where he has spent most of his life – a new family who will have more time for him.

The grim reality is that if your cat is 7 or under, we can probably find him a new home.  If he is 8 or 9 we can possibly find him a new home.  If he is 10 or older, he will likely not be re-adopted.  Don’t worry; we will not euthanize your cat.  We will find somebody who will care for him until he dies.  We will take care of his medical needs; we will take care of his emotional needs.  If he is incontinent, we will work around it and if he needs medication we will see that he has it.  He will live out his remaining few years in surroundings that he is not accustomed to and with people who for all of his many years, he never knew.

When the time comes to say good-bye, the foster home will gently take him and give him his final gift of freedom.  And it will hurt, and they will cry because you see, they have come to love your old cat.  They love him because they were privileged to share his wisdom, his zest for life and yes, his final moments.  An old cat, despite his failing health, is a treasure and not one to be given away but kept and cherished. =^..^=



  1. It's an honour to have cared for senior felines, they give so much, they know so much and can teach us so much!

    Older cats just rock!

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