Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bright Eyes first injection of the drug PERCORTEN

Hay dad I am only six pound do you think I am fat! =^..^=
I am not going to cry dad I am a big girl Dr. Howard is giving Bright Eyes her first Injection of PERCORTEN which she will have to take for the rest of her life. =^..^=
Dr. Howard is giving Bright Eyes an Injection of vitamin B12. =^..^=
Dr. Howard is taking notes he is doing a great job taking care of bright Eyes he is an old school vet. =^..^=
Dr. Howard checking that he has everything right. =^..^=
Some notes added to Bright Eyes medical record now only if I can understand what it said I am a welder not a doctor. =^..^= 

Dr. Howard added to Bright Eye medical record the Injection of PERCORTEN an the amount of the drug given to her the cost for this was $146.97 Paw Town Cats will have to pay this cost for the rest of Bright Eyes life so will you please give to Paw Town Cats so they can keep saving life’s like Bright Eyes an more Forgotten street cats like her thank you for your support. =^..^=


Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Great Spay an Neuter Day round 2

Today is Thursday the 25th of April round 2 of the big spay an neuter day eight girls an three boys are all set to go in to be spayed an neutered some of them are a little pissed I would be to if I was put in a trap an could hear my sisters an bothers eating "BUT" that old hippie you see here is taking good care of us an when we are all spayed we can go out into the shop run around an play or find dad the old hippie an lay on him when he is trying to type or when he is sending Morse code on his ham radio I an all of my sisters an bothers are lucky our mama found this place called Paw Town Cats. =^..^=
This is what Paw Town Cats is all about I am just one human an doing work that Mother Nature ask of me to do be the care taker for the forgotten cats an kittens I Value life an love to see happiness come for one's that lost it or never had it an do a job that the powers to be will not lift a finger to do. People ask me why do you do it take care of stray cats they are just cats I tell them to walk a mile in a forgotten cat for kittens paws first go out into your yard an stand there looking around then get down on your belly an look at your yard again did it get bigger next stay in your yard for a full 24 hours you will start to feel what a forgotten cat or kitten has to live with no food water or a safe place to be you have just walked a mile in a forgotten cat or kittens paws did you like what you feel now you see why I do what I do because if I done do it "WHO" will. Seeing a happy an purring Moggies maybe for the first time in there life for this old hippie is so priceless. =^..^=      

Hay dad you said that only the my sister wore going in to get fixed but I am happy that I am going to so I can keep being a kitten I don't have to fight for a mate my sisters will always be my sister an I will never spray on your ham radio gear I am ready dad let's go. =^..^=
Dad I am ready to go Hi all My name is Rosa an I do not want to be a mama Moggy again or care for more kittens Thanks to Paw Town Cats an the Feral Cat Coalition I will get spayed which will make me a happier an healthier Moggy. But I still can not understand why my humans threw me away like trash just because I was going to have kittens I am one lucky Moggy to have found Paw Town Cats out in the middle of no ware an a kind an caring human took me in saved my life an gave me a safe place to have my kittens I will be so happy afther I get spayed I will no loner have the feeling of wanting to be a mama Moggy an have kittens I can now be a kitten an lay around sleep play with my kids which are big Moggies now an please get your Moggy spayed or neutered I know it cost what you human call money but this world dose not need more unwanted kittens born to live a hard life on the streets an they may not be as lucky as me an find a place like Paw Town Cats so please please get your Moggies spayed or neutered. =^..^=

This old hippie ask PLEASE get your Moggies spayed or neutered kittens are cute an sweet but this world dose not need more unwanted cats an kittens to be born to live a hard life on the streets and to die all along. =^..^=
This is a happy day for me knowing there will not be more kittens born to live a hard life on the streets. =^..^=

The Boys are ready. Ha dog what so funny never seen a Moggy in a cage Ha your human did the smart thing an got you neutered. =^..^=

What's so funny Monkey you will be going in next right dad yes GC in round 3 of the great spay neuter day Monkey will be going in to get fixed that's right Monkey you are next. =^..^=

Hi My name is GC (Gray Cat) I am going with my sisters to get neuter I am happy when I grow up I will have to fright or mark (pee) to get a mate an to tell you humans the true I do not want to make kittens there are too many of us forgotten Moggies in this world dieing because there is no food to eat or clean water to drink an a lot of humans hate us an always want to kill us we are the forgotten street kitty's I was lucky my mother found this place called Paw Town Cats she was welcomed an the kind human carded for her an helped raise me an my two sisters we are all one big family but for a lot of forgotten streets kitty's this is only a dream an if you can please help Paw Town Cats with a gift of support I think the humans call it money which can help more forgotten street kitty's like me live a better life an make there dream come true a home an a human to love an shed your fur on. =^..^=   
We are all here ready to go an get fixed thanks to the kind humans at Feral Cat Coalition an Helene who drives to the hospital to get fixed hay this car think is cool we are moving an we don't have to run now if the food cat nip an toys came this fast MEOW MEOW. =^..^=
We are all loaded an ready to go to get fixed so is what the humans call a car hay it smell like a dog in here keep quit the ride is free. =^..^=
Molly kitty sound asleep. =^..^=
Hay where are you guys going we are going to get fixed don't worry Monkey your turn is coming next. =^..^=

Friday 26th 2013 we are all back at Paw Town Cats our home an our Dad is going to put us in the recovery room where it is quit so we can sleep off the drug that put us to sleep I feel funny dad come put us to bed good night. =^..^=

Safe at home an it feels so good to have a home we are lucky Moggies thank you Helene an Feral Cat Coalition for making our lives better an to Paw Town Cats for giving us a furever home. =^..^=