Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bright Eyes first injection of the drug PERCORTEN

Hay dad I am only six pound do you think I am fat! =^..^=
I am not going to cry dad I am a big girl Dr. Howard is giving Bright Eyes her first Injection of PERCORTEN which she will have to take for the rest of her life. =^..^=
Dr. Howard is giving Bright Eyes an Injection of vitamin B12. =^..^=
Dr. Howard is taking notes he is doing a great job taking care of bright Eyes he is an old school vet. =^..^=
Dr. Howard checking that he has everything right. =^..^=
Some notes added to Bright Eyes medical record now only if I can understand what it said I am a welder not a doctor. =^..^= 

Dr. Howard added to Bright Eye medical record the Injection of PERCORTEN an the amount of the drug given to her the cost for this was $146.97 Paw Town Cats will have to pay this cost for the rest of Bright Eyes life so will you please give to Paw Town Cats so they can keep saving life’s like Bright Eyes an more Forgotten street cats like her thank you for your support. =^..^=


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