Friday, September 6, 2013

Goodbye to a great friend we gave him his only wish

Hello My name is Si kitty I am no longer on this earth but for the last six years of my life two kind and caring humans gave me my only wish to be "LOVED" it took some time three an half years but the two humans did not give up on me. =^..^=

I was called an ugly cat because I was all beat up from being a forgotten street cat for 20 years but the two humans did not see the ugly in me they saw the sweet Moggy trying to get out an they worked with an the sweet Moggy did come out. =^..^=
This my Prayer so what happen to me will never happen to although Moggy that comes after me living as a forgotten street is "NO" life for a Moggy to be born into you are hated by hateful humans who try to kill you they throw stones an things at you you have to fright for the little food you can find which is not a lot you become beat up like me from the hard life of a forgotten street cat you are called "UGLY" an humans turn there backs on you you loss trust an fear all humans but deep down inside of you you have this wish an you hope before Mother Nature calls you home your only wish comes true. =^..^= 
I was lucky my wish did come true my wish is the wish that all forgotten street cat wish for a warm hand to rub one's fur a human to love me an for me to give love back to the human a safe place to call home so I can lay my head down an sleep without fear food to eat without frighting for clean water to drink a human to be with when Mother Nature calls me home so I will not have to die an cross the Rainbow Bridge all along that is the one wish all forgotten street cats an kittens ask for an as you can see I was lucky to find two humans that loved a beat up old "UGLY" forgotten street cat like me an for that read below this what I have to say. =^..^=

I loved my two humans they made me feel hold an I started to act like a kitten learning how to play an make a fool out of myself see I was trying to rub the camera an my human kissed me on the nose it was so nice I am a happy old beat up "UGLY" Moggy it feels so good to be loved. =^..^=
Nap time for me I can now sleep without fear now I have no fear in the world the life of being a forgotten street cat is over for me ever what time I have left on this earth I know I will away be loved an made safe it feels so good not to have a fear Purr Purr. =^..^=

Look at me I am starting to have fun which is a new thing for me acting like a kitten I do not remember when I was a kitten so having fun is a new feeling for me. =^..^=
I am an just an old beat up "UGLY" kitten an to my two human I am the cats MEOW an they call me there good looking sweet old man boy I can tell ya it feels good to be loved Purr Purr Meow. =^..^=
I have food all I can eat Clean water all I can drink what more can a old beat up "UGLY" forgotten street cat can ask for OH I forgot to tell ya I am no longer an "UGLY" forgotten street cat just an old beat up ball of loving fur Purr Purr MMMM this food is so good Meow Meow. =^..^=
Please read what is says above an if you see a cat like me do not turn your back on them or try not to see them take them in open your heart an home to them no cat or kitten should live the life I did we have so much love to give walk a mile in my paws close your eye an think how it would feel not to be loved an to be hated just because what an who you are now you can open your eyes did it feel good that what life is like for a forgotten street cat or kitten put yourself in my paws. =^..^=
Hear I am sharing food with my bothers an sister which wore like me a forgotten street cat or kitten an some how found this place called Paw Town Cats Sanctuary out in the middle of no ware some 20 years ago long before there was a place called Paw Town Cats Sanctuary when I was born this place was an auto shop an junk yard an life was a holy hell for me an the other Moggies that lived here with me some of them moved on an the ones that stayed died along never feeling a warm hand rubbing there fur. =^..^= 

Here are some photos of the hell hold I had to live in an which a lot of forgotten street cats an kittens have to live you see I was born out here but for a lot of cats an kittens they are dumped out here by non-caring hateful humans an for some humans they thing a cat can live out here by hunting "NOT" for most cat hunting was a play thing not a way of life most of them die because of no food to eat or water to drink an for the sad one's that do make it they become skin an bones non-thrashing an hard core like me but now that Paw Town Cats Sanctuary is here there is hope for the dumped cats an kittens that find there way to this place of hope an there may not be a Paw Town Cats Sanctuary here see we cats can understand what you humans are saying an I and the rest of the Moggies here have listen there some humans that do not like what the two kind an caring humans here are doing for us forgotten street cats an kittens and are trying to make them move before they are ready that thing you humans love call money only came from the hard work our two humans do they love what they do these two humans value life an just a short ago they turned Paw Town Cats Sanctuary into this thing called a non-profit so they can ask humans like you who are reading this to help them by giving them that thing you call money so they can keep feeding us taking us the vet when we get sick or a hateful human hurts us they are trying to save money so they can move us all out of this hell hold place so will you please help the humans that are helping us for a lot of Moggies here they would be dead an die all along if it was not for the two humans here who saved my bothers an sister lives I beg you please help them. =^..^= 

More Photos of this hell hold I use to live in I am no longer on this earth but I left behind my bothers an sister an thanks to Paw Town Cats Sanctuary they are safe for now so Please give to Paw Town Cats so they can keep helping forgotten street cats like me Purr Purr Meow Meow Si kitty. =^..^=  

Hi my name is Si Kitty I like my name why did it take so long for these two humans to come into my life I come running when I hear my name I know I will get picked up an hugged I will feel a warm hand again rubbing my fur Meow Meow. =^..^=
Si Kitty the best cat in the world he may be beat up from the years of being a forgotten street cat have battle scars all over his body an bend called "UGLY" by a lot of humans but to me he is the best cat in the world he is not "UGLY" it was the hateful humans that are "UGLY" I gave him his one wish to be loved and made safe out of his 20 years on this earth I only knew him for only five years an for those five years he was the happiness cat in the world I will miss my Si Kitty he has put all four paws in my heart I learn something which is not to look at the outside but look in the inside because we all are "UGLY" to someone goodbye my true an only friend you are now in the arms of Mother Nature never to be along again an when my time comes I know there will be a true friend there for me. =^..^=
I am not along there are two humans that love me I have all the food I want to eat an I do not have to fright for it this is what love feels like I am one happy Moggy I am starting to feel like a kitten this is all new to me an I love it Meow Meow. =^..^=

My bud Si Kitty kicking back without a worry in the world an yes he is the best cat in the world. =^..^=
It feels so nice to be loved man I loved this kicking back am cool am cool now this is what I call living Meow Meow. =^..^=
Nap time see Ya in 10 hours Meow Meow. =^..^=

Hi I am Si Kitty an I feel so good this is what it is like to be lazy I like it Meow Meow. =^..^=

I can't talk now must feed my face MMMM this food is so good an I can eat all I want Meow Meow. =^..^=

My humans put a food dish high up just for me what a nice feeling to be loved Meow Meow. =^..^=
Si Kitty acting like a kitten getting into things which is alright by me I want him to learn how to have fun act like a kitten it makes him feel young. =^..^=

Hi it feels so good just to lay around an do nothing Meow Meow. =^..^=
Hay dad what is this stuff can I play with it. =^..^=

This is my other human I thank them for giving me my wish now I get picked up by two humans they hug me rub my fur an I get human kisses I am good I am good Meow Meow. =^..^=

It feel good to sleep all day this is my spot I like sleeping on the forklift drivers seat an I like to go for rides too. =^..^=

To honour Si Kitty Will you please grant a forgotten street cat or kitten there one an only wish which is a warm hand to rub there fur a kind an loving face to head butt an give kitty kisses too a lap to call my own good food to eat clean water to drink a safe a caring place I can call home to love me for what I have on the inside love to give and do not turn your back on me because I am beat up an have battle scares on my body or be broken from living a hard life on the streets if you see me please take me in I will be your trusting forever companion I will never stray from your side for as long as I live. =^..^=
Please take in a forgotten street cat or kitten the live you save is priceless an the cat or kitten will be forever grateful an will show his/her love for as long as they live don't buy or breed when the forgotten are dieing take in a stray today. =^..^=

Giving love to the forgotten street cats like Si Kitty is what Paw Town Cats is all about giving a loving an caring furever home to all that find there way to our door no cat or kitten should have to live or die all a long will you please give to Paw Town Cats so we can keep granting the one an only wish a forgotten street cat or kitten ask for someone to love them an keep them safe thank you. =^..^=

It feels so good not to have fear an to be loved Meow Meow. =^..^=
All the Moggies an the two humans here at Paw Town Cats will miss this old man he make have bend beat up an battle scars all over his body but inside beat a heart of gold Si Kitty you are now in the arms of Mother Nature free of pain free from hate hang in there bud we will be together again Goodbye Si Kitty you are still the best cat in the world. =^..^=