Monday, April 22, 2013

The great spay an neuter day

Hay what are these things MooMoo stop looking out the port hold an tell me what these things are. =^..^=

Getting all the traps setup an as you can see the Moggies are checking out the traps an I think some of them know what's up. =^..^=

Hay I know what this thing is it is a TRAP we are going to get spayed today I herd the human say on  04-21-2013 10 of us was going to get fixed that's good we will not have kittens to take care of an we will be happier heather let's go. =^..^= 

This is Helene from Feral Cat Coalition helping me round up the Moggies that are going to get spayed she is petting Ms molly which is one of my special needs kitty's she is a sweet Moggy. =^..^=

None of this would have happen without the support from the friends of Paw Town Cats an Feral Cat Coalition. =^..^=
Bagged an tagged for the trip to get spayed they will be happier knowing they will never have to take care of kittens. =^..^=

Dad we are ready for go an we know you are doing the right thing for us so done worry we are in good hands with Helene from Feral Cat Coalition she will take good care of us.=^..^=

Look Dad we are all loaded up a ready to go thank you Dad for caring so much about us we are some lucky Moggies to have a kind an caring human like you. =^..^=

Let's go I am ready to get spayed no more kittens for me now I can be a kitten something I missed growing up when I was on the streets. =^..^=

This is 04-22-2013 Monday an the kitty's are back home still under the drug the vet used to put them to sleep for the spaying they will stay in the traps until the drug wears off. =^..^=

I am so happy to have them back home an safe here at Paw Town Cats that is Blue Eyes kitty checking on honey kitty when they wore gone Blue Eyes was meowing an looking for her mum an sisters I have one big family you would not believed at one these Moggies lived in junked out cars an two junked school buses. =^..^= 

Rest My Moggies rest Dad will check in on you in the morning an this is what Paw Town Cats is all about saving the forgotten street cats giving them that one wish all forgotten cat an kittens ask for a loving human to love them an a human for them to love a safe place to lay once head all the food one can eat all the water one can drink the feel of a warm hand on there fur to make them purr. To this old hippie seeing a happy kitty is so "PRICELESS" an this is why I do it all life has "VALUE" human an non-human alike. I thank you all for caring. =^..^=

The great spay an neuter day started on 04-21-2013 when help from the kind people from Feral Cat Coalition stepped in to help Paw Town Cat spay an neuter all of the Moggies living here the work is hard rounding up the Moggies putting them in traps for the trip to the spay/neuter clinic. This is what one old hippie is doing to help the forgotten street cat an kittens this what Paw Town Cats is all about saving one forgotten Moggy at a time an ending kittens born in to a world unwanted an having to live a life not knowing what love an kindness is all of this would not have happen without the support from the friends of Paw Town Cats want to help Paw Town Cats make life better for the forgotten street cats an kitten become a friend of Paw Town Cats with your gift of support making a life better an safer for the forgotten little ones with a little act of kindness. =^..^=

Please give to Paw Town Cats so we can keep making life better and safer for the forgotten street cats an kittens.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Mother Nature ask for me to do BE A TAKER-IN OF FORGOTTEN KITTY CATS

This is my bud Si kitty it took me over three years to gain his trust just to pick him up. Now I know why Mother Nature put me here on her earth to give love to the forgotten Moggies like Si kitty. =^..^=

Hi my name is Bright Eyes I an my kittens would not be here today if it wasn’t for this kind an caring human that took me in an help me have an cared for my kittens it would be nice if more humans wore as kind an caring to us forgotten Moggies like my human is I am lucky to have founded him. =^..^=
Mother Nature sends some of us a special mission
To take in forgotten kitty-cats in any condition,
To feed them and give them a permanent home,
To love them and make them our very own.

They chase through the house an making a big mess;
They seem to have secrets they're unwilling to tell.
They play till exhausted, then curl in your lap,
And settle themselves for a long comfy nap.

Some people are called to great wealth and power,
To run corporations, make big bucks per hour,
But others of us are only asked,
To take in little forgotten kitty-cats.

I asked Mother Nature for things of importance to do,
Other than reading a good book beekeeping and a bunch of kitties too.
Mother Nature said,"Don't be self-righteous;learn from your mistakes,
And be glad I send you forgotten kitty-cats and not my stray snakes."

I dreamed when I died I heard Mother Nature say,
"What important things did you do each day?"
I felt that the great beyond for me was an impossibility
And that I should have lived my life much differently.

Then Mother Nature said, "Come in. Have some food and a drink,
And sit here in by your little kitty cat Tink;
For I gave you one of My most important tasks
When I asked you to be a taker-in of forgotten kitty cats."

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dedicated to the People that Rescue Cats an Kittens

Hi my name Is Mr. Max I am no longer on this earth I have crossed over the
Rainbow Bridge Paw Town Cats an the human there are indeed, a cat's best
friend so please send in your gift of support so no Moggy will have to die all long. =^..^=

Paw Town Cats PLEDGE

Paw Town Cats saved my life an gave me my one wish a loving safe home an a human to love me an a human for me to love what more can a forgotten street Moggy ask for.




Monday, April 15, 2013

Your Old Cat

This will "NEVER" happen at Paw Town Cats.

Your Old Cat

You bought a new house; you had a baby.  Your cat has been with you for years and is now old, perhaps incontinent, maybe a little grumpy, possibly having a bit of a problem getting around.  Sometimes he doesn’t quite make it to the litter box when he has to go and has an accident.  All these things come with age and not necessarily just with your cat.  It may happen to you someday as well.

In his youth, he gave you everything he had to offer.  In his twilight years, you have no time.  Now that he’s older he has many new things to offer that come with age.  He is now wise.  He is now grateful for all the things you help him with that he used to be able to do for himself.  He tries so hard to be the youngster you remember but he can’t quite do it.  And you – well you are getting tired of cleaning up his accidents, the more frequent trips to the vet so you delude yourself into thinking we can find him a better place than the place where he has spent most of his life – a new family who will have more time for him.

The grim reality is that if your cat is 7 or under, we can probably find him a new home.  If he is 8 or 9 we can possibly find him a new home.  If he is 10 or older, he will likely not be re-adopted.  Don’t worry; we will not euthanize your cat.  We will find somebody who will care for him until he dies.  We will take care of his medical needs; we will take care of his emotional needs.  If he is incontinent, we will work around it and if he needs medication we will see that he has it.  He will live out his remaining few years in surroundings that he is not accustomed to and with people who for all of his many years, he never knew.

When the time comes to say good-bye, the foster home will gently take him and give him his final gift of freedom.  And it will hurt, and they will cry because you see, they have come to love your old cat.  They love him because they were privileged to share his wisdom, his zest for life and yes, his final moments.  An old cat, despite his failing health, is a treasure and not one to be given away but kept and cherished. =^..^=


Saturday, April 13, 2013

How Addison’s Disease Affects Cats

Hello My Name is Bright Eyes I was once a forgotten street kitty some how I found my way to Paw Town Cats an the kind human there saved my life I have Addison disease now for the rest of my life I will have to take Percorten once a mouth they say it is rare for kitties to get this disease rare or not Please get your kitty tested for Addison disease it is a killer I am lucky I found someone that was kind an saved my life. Not all forgotten street are so lucky. If you can Please send a gift of support to Paw Town Cats so they can keep saving kitty like me thank you MEOW MEOW . =^..^=  


Definition of Addison's Disease

Addison’s disease, also known as hypoadrenocorticism, is defined as diminished hormone production from the cortex of the adrenal gland. The adrenal cortex can be damaged by hemorrhage, mineralization, infection or immune-mediated attack, among other things. Addison’s is a potentially life-threatening but thankfully very rare disorder in cats.

How Addison’s Disease Affects Cats

The clinical signs of Addison’s disease can vary but almost always involve progressive loss of body condition. The signs tend to wax and wane, ranging from mild to severe, and include weakness, lethargy, anorexia, diarrhea (possibly bloody), weight loss, poor skin and coat condition, abdominal pain, dehydration, trembling and collapse. It is uncommon for cats to show signs of vomiting, regurgitation, drinking more water than normal or urinating more than normal, although dogs commonly show these additional signs. In advanced cases, the disease in cats can mimic systemic shock, with low body temperature, tremors and slow heartbeat. Some affected cats will deviate from their normal activities for no apparent reason. The signs tend to be progressively severe. Normally, by the time a cat is diagnosed with Addison’s, emergency medical treatment is necessary. Once the cat has been stabilized, proper assessment can be made and proper treatment protocols can be prescribed. Addison’s disease is more common in older cats, but there is no species or gender predisposition.

Causes of Addison’s in Cats

The signs of Addison’s are caused by an inability or insufficiency of the adrenal glands to produce the necessary amounts of mineralocorticol hormones. The cause of primary Addison’s disease is not always known but is thought to be the result of atrophy of all layers of the adrenal gland, which probably is immune-mediated. Other causes of primary hypoadrenocorticism include overdoses of certain medications, metastatic tumors and granulomatous disease. Secondary Addison’s can be caused by damage to the pituitary gland and, more commonly in cats, by long-term corticosteroid administration which leads to decreased secretion of ACTH and, in turn, reduced synthesis and circulation of glucocorticoid hormones.

Preventing Addison’s in Cats

There is no way to “prevent” hypoadrenocorticism in our companion cats. The recommended approach for cats with primary Addison’s disease is to continue glucocorticoid hormone replacement therapy for the lifetime of the animal, and possibly to increase the dosage of replacement hormones during periods of particular stress. Reliable tests are available to diagnose this disease, and there are good treatment protocols for managing the condition.

Special Notes

Addison’s is very uncommon in cats, but it does occur. If not treated aggressively, or if diagnosis is delayed, Addison’s can become life-threatening, primarily due to elevated potassium levels and low sodium and chloride levels which cause serious and acute dehydration, volume depletion and problems with the heart and other organs. The prognosis for cats with Addison’s disease is very good if the.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bgright Eyes is out of the Hospital an at home recoveing

Hello my name is Bright Eyes the kind an caring human here at Paw Town Cats saved my life


Update 04-10-2013 GREAT NEWS

Bright Eyes is out of the hospital an is at home what made her sick is called
Addison’s disease, also known as hypoadrenocorticism, is defined
as diminished hormone production from the cortex of the adrenal
gland. The adrenal cortex can be damaged by hemorrhage,
mineralization, infection or immune-mediated attack, among other
things. Addison’s is a potentially life-threatening disorder. She is now taking Interferon once a day,Prednisone twice a day an Orbax once a day an for the rest of her life Bright Eyes will have to take Percirten an Orbax Precirten she will have to take it by injection once a mouth I also will have to take her kittens into the vet be tested for Addison's disease this disease is rare in cats I hope the kittens test neg for the killer. Bright Eyes is one lucky Moggy for finding Paw Town Cats but there is still a lot more work that needs to be done for the forgotten Moggies here at Paw Town Cats an for the forgotten Moggies here in the US an all over the world. I an all the Moggies here at Paw Town Cats say thank you all for your gifts of support an your prayers an to Vicky Walker editor at for printing my story an once again
thank you let there be peace to you an your family. =^..^=

Quinton Smith
Paw Town Cats

This was the way I found her on 01-31-2013 in the office where I keep all the girl Moggies I knew something was wrong because her an Oscar always greets me at the door an Bright Eyes likes to ride on my back when I clean the floor. =^..^= 

My poor Moggy's face is all puffed up she looked like me before I had all of my teeth pulled so I was thinking she my have some rotten teeth when she found her way here to have her kittens she was just a purring bag of skin an bones poor thing did not have milk to feed her kittens what she did have was a funny looking two legit Moggy (me) to take on the job of mama Moggy an I enjoy feeding bottle baby's. =^..^=
My Poor Bright Eyes I knew she was in some kind of pain but she still wanted to head but me an an purr up a storm she could not open her month I had to give her water an feed her with a small tube that fit around her teeth I fed her ground liver an chicken with L-Lysine vitamin E an dried home grown mint an at the same time Vicky Walker editor from asked my to wright my story. =^..^=

This 02-02-2013 this was the first time Bright Eyes walked on her own without me using the support strap to help hold her up looked like things wore getting batter. =^..^=
This is on 03-23-2013 things wore looking really good she was eating home made ground beef I was still adding  L-Lysine vitamin E an dried home grown mint she was eating  like a little piggy the swelling in her jaws was gone also she was eating wet kibble an fish I but the feeding tube an support strap away I thought the worse was over things wore looking better. =^..^=   
This was the same day she was jumping not crawling up to her spot we wore even taking walks in the back field I had to carry her back because she was still weak but her an I would walk about a football field I still had to pick her up for the trip back to the shop it looked again that the worse was over. =^..^=
She crashed in the blink of an eye she when from walking playing to crash she was worse than the day I found her in the office she looking like felling kitten syndrome her head was almost on her back her legs wore sticking out an locked her tail was puffed up I have had Moggies die in my arms an on my lap but is was "NOT" ready for her to pass there was something about this Moggy I was feeling it was the feeling that I had when I first saw Oscar when she was a sick 8 week old kitten back in 04 I looked into Bright Eyes an saw a fighter (this now she got her name) she was not giving up an the fight for life was on I made up some L-Lysine an red bull yes red bull I had to get her electrolyte level up I gave it to her got the support strap an I made her walk an she walked I could see her frighting an at the same time I called a taxi by the time the taxi got here she was standing only for a minute or to an would fall over an she would try to get up off to the ER we when. =^..^= 

This is Bright Eyes trying real hard to keep her shelf up right when we got to the vet an they took her blood it was not red it was almost black she stayed in The ICU for two days that when I was told that she has Addison’s disease which is real rare in cats I still have to take Bright Eyes kittens in for testing this disease is common in dogs I am going to do research on this disease an invest lab gear or may go back to school an become a veterinarian technician I have a lot to learn about cats that is what Paw Town cats is all about saving lives one Moggy at a time. =^..^= 

these are the three drugs Bright Eye has to take on 05-03-2013 I have to take Bright Eyes in for her shot of Precirten this drug she will have to take for the rest of her life which is going to be a long an happy one the orter two drugs are 1: Prednisone 2: Orbax on the 03 of may I will find out if she will also have to take Orbax for life. =^..^=

look at My sweet Moggy Bright Eyes who ever dumped he it is there loss an my gain. =^..^=

I love Moggies an Paw Town Cats is here for them young broken an old if a Moggy some how find his/her way here they furever home. =^..^=
SO SO SWEET. =^..^=
Bright Eye
Look at that face don't it say love me only a human with a kind an caring heart can gain the trust of a non-human life. =^..^=

Seeing a happy an trusting Moggy is what make what I do so enjoyable Bright Eyes will never see the cold hateful street again she will grow old with this old hippie. =^..^=

All of this can not be done without the support from you Bright Eyes is just one Moggy living here at Paw Town Cats kind an caring supporter like you saved Bright Eyes life an with your continued support Paw town Cats will always be the forever home for the forgotten Moggies until there is no longer a homeless cat or kitten living on the streets I an all of the Moggies here at Paw Town Cats say thank you for gift of support let there be peace to you an your family. =^..^=
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