Tuesday, June 25, 2013

In Honor Of Yamuk The Street Cat


My name is Yamuk (means lopsided in Turkish). I was given this name, because I wasn’t able to walk properly since I got bit by a stray dog.

I was a street cat and I had been taken care by some lovely humans around me. I used to live among some other street cats, who shared the same fate with me, in a beautiful steet in Bornova district of Izmir.

Actually, I considered myself luckier than some of my friends, because there were humans around me who cared for me. They got me vetted and vaccinated for diseases.

If they did not help me, I would probably not be able to recover by myself from the terrible condition caused by a car that hit me.

I used to live in the corner of a grocery store with the love and care of that store’s owner and some gentle humans who fed me, until October 8th 2010.

 A group of young humans did not love me like the others. They took me out from the box in which I slept and kicked me to death.

They crushed my head with their feet. This is how I died... I’m thinking about whether I’ve done something wrong to them.

What did I do to deserve this? Maybe my only mistake was being a cat that lived on the streets. But still, after my death, I would not even imagine that the whole city, the whole country and even the whole world would be sorry, would oppose the ones who did this and would take this act seriously. I’m so glad that there were humans with good hearts.

Thanks to the surveillance camera of the grocery store, my murderer got arrested, given a 687 Turkish Lira (approx. $490 US dollars a drop in the bucket just a slap in the face for taking a life if this was done to a human all five would be receiving life in prison or in some states or country’s would be put to dearth ) pecuniary punishment and released, returned back to his life. How about the other animals living on the streets, who got disabled, tortured and killed like myself? What are they doing right now out of the sight of the cameras? How many remorseless murderers of many of these animals are right now outside, living among you? Who knows..

I am not with you anymore. I can only hope that the prudent and scrupulous humans around the world would act to demand the rights of the street animals like myself and all animals. So that crimes like these would not remain with impunity, the right to life of the street animals will not be taken away from them and the ones after me would not be kicked to death and throw up blood...


All here at Paw Town Cats believe that all life human an non-human has value and the two teared justice system is not working to protect animals like yamuk an Dexter from abuse an killing the laws that apply to protect humans should also apply to protecting animals you abuse a human an get 10 years you abuse a cat you should get 10 years.   =^..^=