Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Mama kitty

It is kitten season with mama kitty's this is little one a young mama kitty with here kittens she showed up looking for a please to care for her kittens she was so thin when she came looking for something to eat she is a sweet kitty i think she was someone's companion an was dumped off out here because she has wear marks of a collar at one time now she has a home here at Paw Town Cats I keep her an all the females kitty's in the office until I raise money to take them to the vet for spraying. Say Hi to little one an here kittens. =^..^=  

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Paw Town Cats

Now I have about 50 cats at my rescue and all of them wore strays case-out forgotten cats an kittens are here to stay for the rest of their lives safe form abuse. some of then are neutered and spayed, vaccinated and checked by a vet when i have the money an ALL are taken care by me on a regular basis i keep the females in a large room once an office form the males on till i get them spayed "No more kittens" and although some of them are very old, or chronically ill deformed or just  broken it seems that they all enjoy their life here an show there love all the time. In spite of the fact that my shelter is small an crowded I can never turn my back on a cat or kitten in desperate situation, therefore they some how keep arriving every now and then. As the number of cats grows bigger my expenses rise and it becomes harder and harder but i give them all the best care, the sight of happy kitties which are playing and running and resting completely relaxed, probably for the first time in their lives, makes all the hard efforts worthwhile. My shelter depends on my hard work as a welder