Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Mother Nature ask for me to do BE A TAKER-IN OF FORGOTTEN KITTY CATS

This is my bud Si kitty it took me over three years to gain his trust just to pick him up. Now I know why Mother Nature put me here on her earth to give love to the forgotten Moggies like Si kitty. =^..^=

Hi my name is Bright Eyes I an my kittens would not be here today if it wasn’t for this kind an caring human that took me in an help me have an cared for my kittens it would be nice if more humans wore as kind an caring to us forgotten Moggies like my human is I am lucky to have founded him. =^..^=
Mother Nature sends some of us a special mission
To take in forgotten kitty-cats in any condition,
To feed them and give them a permanent home,
To love them and make them our very own.

They chase through the house an making a big mess;
They seem to have secrets they're unwilling to tell.
They play till exhausted, then curl in your lap,
And settle themselves for a long comfy nap.

Some people are called to great wealth and power,
To run corporations, make big bucks per hour,
But others of us are only asked,
To take in little forgotten kitty-cats.

I asked Mother Nature for things of importance to do,
Other than reading a good book beekeeping and a bunch of kitties too.
Mother Nature said,"Don't be self-righteous;learn from your mistakes,
And be glad I send you forgotten kitty-cats and not my stray snakes."

I dreamed when I died I heard Mother Nature say,
"What important things did you do each day?"
I felt that the great beyond for me was an impossibility
And that I should have lived my life much differently.

Then Mother Nature said, "Come in. Have some food and a drink,
And sit here in by your little kitty cat Tink;
For I gave you one of My most important tasks
When I asked you to be a taker-in of forgotten kitty cats."

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