Monday, April 22, 2013

The great spay an neuter day

Hay what are these things MooMoo stop looking out the port hold an tell me what these things are. =^..^=

Getting all the traps setup an as you can see the Moggies are checking out the traps an I think some of them know what's up. =^..^=

Hay I know what this thing is it is a TRAP we are going to get spayed today I herd the human say on  04-21-2013 10 of us was going to get fixed that's good we will not have kittens to take care of an we will be happier heather let's go. =^..^= 

This is Helene from Feral Cat Coalition helping me round up the Moggies that are going to get spayed she is petting Ms molly which is one of my special needs kitty's she is a sweet Moggy. =^..^=

None of this would have happen without the support from the friends of Paw Town Cats an Feral Cat Coalition. =^..^=
Bagged an tagged for the trip to get spayed they will be happier knowing they will never have to take care of kittens. =^..^=

Dad we are ready for go an we know you are doing the right thing for us so done worry we are in good hands with Helene from Feral Cat Coalition she will take good care of us.=^..^=

Look Dad we are all loaded up a ready to go thank you Dad for caring so much about us we are some lucky Moggies to have a kind an caring human like you. =^..^=

Let's go I am ready to get spayed no more kittens for me now I can be a kitten something I missed growing up when I was on the streets. =^..^=

This is 04-22-2013 Monday an the kitty's are back home still under the drug the vet used to put them to sleep for the spaying they will stay in the traps until the drug wears off. =^..^=

I am so happy to have them back home an safe here at Paw Town Cats that is Blue Eyes kitty checking on honey kitty when they wore gone Blue Eyes was meowing an looking for her mum an sisters I have one big family you would not believed at one these Moggies lived in junked out cars an two junked school buses. =^..^= 

Rest My Moggies rest Dad will check in on you in the morning an this is what Paw Town Cats is all about saving the forgotten street cats giving them that one wish all forgotten cat an kittens ask for a loving human to love them an a human for them to love a safe place to lay once head all the food one can eat all the water one can drink the feel of a warm hand on there fur to make them purr. To this old hippie seeing a happy kitty is so "PRICELESS" an this is why I do it all life has "VALUE" human an non-human alike. I thank you all for caring. =^..^=

The great spay an neuter day started on 04-21-2013 when help from the kind people from Feral Cat Coalition stepped in to help Paw Town Cat spay an neuter all of the Moggies living here the work is hard rounding up the Moggies putting them in traps for the trip to the spay/neuter clinic. This is what one old hippie is doing to help the forgotten street cat an kittens this what Paw Town Cats is all about saving one forgotten Moggy at a time an ending kittens born in to a world unwanted an having to live a life not knowing what love an kindness is all of this would not have happen without the support from the friends of Paw Town Cats want to help Paw Town Cats make life better for the forgotten street cats an kitten become a friend of Paw Town Cats with your gift of support making a life better an safer for the forgotten little ones with a little act of kindness. =^..^=

Please give to Paw Town Cats so we can keep making life better and safer for the forgotten street cats an kittens.

your can give using paypal just enter an give your support I an all the Moggies here at Paw Town Cats say thank you for your support.  

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  1. All spayed in one go! That's wonderful work. Excellent that FCC has helped out with this mass event to enable you to get so many lovely moggs sorted out.