Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Kitty that open my eyes to the world of forgotten cats for her I started Paw Town Cats

I found Oscar kitty or she found me on 12/12/2004 it was cold and raining she was a sick little 8 week old kitten puss all over her eyes poop all over her fur. I was going to the store for food and on the way there I saw Oscar it was raining an real cold. I said to myself if I see her on the way back I would take her home with me. On the way back I stop to see if that sick little 8 week old kitten was still there the rain was coming down real hard I saw her curled up in a ball on the side of the bike trail out in the rain I came over to her an she started to meow an purr she was so wet and cold I pick her up and she gave me a kitty kiss on my hand that's all it took I made room in my wet suit bag for her open the top of the bag an she jumped right on in I closed the top of the bag to keep her warm and dry an I think to this day this little wet sick 8 week old kitten know that she now has found a human that will give her a forever loving home. That was eight years ago an now I have the sweeties loving cat in the world. Oscar also open my eyes to how loving stray cats an kittens can be an to the number of homeless abandon an unwanted stray cats an kittens an older cats are in this world. An thanks to my sweet Oscar i started Paw Town Cats a rescue for strays abandon, homeless, older cats, an unwanted cats and kittens i also care for feral cats..


  1. Dear Quinton,

    It's amazing how one little animal can leave such a permanent mark in someone right?
    My first rescue was Caspi... he made me see that he was not alone, that was just one of a massive invisible community of forgotten animals.
    Since then, I've been doing my best to save as many of them as possible. In his memory.

    Kind regards

    Viktor Larkhill
    Let's Adopt Global

  2. i'm a big cat fan I wish You all the luck in the world ! the world needs plenty of crazy Cat Men and Women
    ,this is my blog