Sunday, September 16, 2012

Goodbye to a loving feral mama kitty

Midnight was a 2 or 3 year old black feral mama kitty who showed up this summer looking for a safe place to have her kittens she came into the shop looking for something to eat she was so skinny an thin just a bag of bones with a fat belly full of kittens it took me two weeks softly talking to her laying on the floor to gain her trust so she would not run away all of the kitty's here at Paw Town Cats welcome her my joy joy kitty an misty kitty would sit with her an groom her they made her feel at home an a 6:30 am just like clock work Misty an Midnight kitty would meow to wake me up to feed them Midnight had her kitten by the Sistine (big under ground water tank) the only place which has trees an shade an was cool in 100 + heat of the summer then she would bring her kittens into the shop so I could see them an take them back where is was cool as time when on she would bring her kittens into the shop an then her an Misty kitty would eat together an Misty kitty would baby sit the kittens so Midnight could take a nap under an old motor home inside the shop which was cool she also made that her new home for her kittens on the 11th of September Misty kitty was the only one meowing to wake me up no Midnight an her kittens wore gone that was not like her something was wrong then on the 13th I found Midnight she was ran over by a car or farm tractor an by the tire marks the HUMAN driving made it a point to run her over. Now my sweet feral mama kitty Midnight is gone she is in the arms of Mother Nature free of this HATEFUL NON-CARING HUMAN WORLD an I am the dad to four kittens which are sweet an loving. I miss Midnight kitty she trusted me to keep her safe an I failed. Goodbye baby you are safe on the other side of the rainbow bridge please forgive me an I WILL keep your kittens safe bye bye my sweet feral girl Midnight kitty. =^..^=   

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