Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Moggies Paw Town Cats

HI my name is Monkey me an my bother Paws was sick an the kind human here at Paw Town cats saved our lives we are now happy an safe Please if you can help my human keep us safe. =^..^

It feel so good to take a nap without the fear of someone hurting me. =^..^=

When I feel a little unsafe I will suckle on my humans ear he dose not mind an he let's me do it but to tell you I like to suckle on his ear it taste good MMM ear so good. =^..^=
Hi My name is Butter cup an I live here with Monkey at Paw town Cats it is safe here better than on the streets. =^..^=
Hi I see you let me lick your nose please please. =^..^=
It's me again Butter Cup I need your help My mum is sick an she needs to go the the vet will you please please help my human with a gift of support so he can take my mum to the vet I will kiss you on the nose if you do an Thank you all you have to do is go to push the send money button an enter an the amount of your gift an I will kiss you on the nose once again thank you for helping my mum get better. =^..^=
That right talk to the paw I am sleeping my name is GC. =^..^=
Feels so good to sleep in door without fear. =^..^=
Dreaming of fried chicken my Dad is a great cook an he makes me so happy thank you Paw Town Cats for saving me. =^..^=
That right again talk to the Paw we Moggies need to sleep that is what a Moggy is for to sleep an to make my Dad happy. =^..^=
Where did it say in the FCC rule book that only humans can have a ham radio ticket My name is OC an I am helping my Dad install this VCI HFT-1500 antenna tuner to his ham radio station see ya on the air. =^..^=
All of this hard work I needed to take a nap see ya in a hour or too. =^..^=

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  1. You have some beautiful pictures but obviously a very kind heart. I had no human friends either and took up with the strays to find love. I don't know why people are so mean to the strays or why people throw them out like so much trash.