Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bright eyes my sick little Moggy

This is Bright eyes she is one of many abandon Moggies that some how founded her way to my door she came to Paw Town Cats in the winter of 2012 with kittens in the oven she was thin as a rail but she was so sweet an trusting which mean that she had a human at one time an they just got raid of her like trash because she was going to have kittens and she was dumped she had five kittens but only three made it this poor little thing was so weak she did not have milk to feed her baby's so with the help of Mr. Max an me the two legged mama kitty her three little one's are big an happy. Now there is something wrong with Bright eyes she has stop eating an is so weak she can not stand on her own this was two months ago I had to feed her using a feeding tube an a support strap to hold her up so she could try to walk but for a Moggy so weak she has a strong an powerful will to live an is a fighter I am doing all i can for this sweet little lady now thanks to Vicky Walker an all at for printing my story Paw Town Cats an cat an animal lovers in the USA an all over the world they are helping me raise the needed founds to get her to the vet. Please feel free to read my story I am just one old hippie human trying to right a wrong that we humans have done to cats all over the world for years.

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 This is the first day I found her in the office where I keep all the female Moggies she was not moving she looked at me an meowed for help she was telling me that she was sick.

 I do not what is wrong with her when she found he way to Paw Town Cats with kittens in the oven she was already skin an bones on four legs the only thing I can think that make have happen to her she may have gotten bit by a black widow spider there are a lot of them around here.  

What has happen to this poor little soul yes she is only a cat is happening to cats an kitten in this country an all over the world humans without a heart dumping a life like it was trash now she has found a human a old hippie that will care for her an make her hold again because I value all life human an non-human.

This is Bright eye on March 22 Friday a Moggy that could not stand or walk without the use of a support strap is now standing an walking she is still weak but things are looking up for her.

This is what all Moggies wants a little love a warm hand to rub one's face an a human to give kitty kisses too what more can one ask for an this is why this old hippie dose what I do it makes my heart warm an happy seeing a happy Moggy a lobar of love which I will keep doing until Mother Nature calls me home.

One happy Moggy my baby Bright eye she is getting better one step at a time just look at that face can you see the LOVE.

Saturday March 23 this is the first time Bright eyes ate without using the feeding tube mmmm ground beef better than baby food from the dam feeding tube see dad I am getting a little better but you still need to keep an eye on me
mmmm ground beef more more this is so good.

 MMMMM this is so so good Now only if I can get dad to give me some tuna or some chicken maybe some of his BBQ ribs he keeps eating.

This is the only way I can know how much she eat at a time I but 11 little meat ball in the bowl at a time. 

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